Based out of Athens, GA, Shedrick S.H.E.D. Barnett is the poet who has got the industry’s ears tingling with his unrivaled way with words and unequaled stage presence. Poetry has always been his favorite stamping ground, and when he decided to start releasing his craft, everything transitioned naturally.

Barnett paints vividly beautiful emotions about life, capturing both the power and vulnerability that can be found in all of us. His voice…that voice is purely made up of gold, vibrant and commanding, it is the sort that demands the attention of any listener.

Barnett already has 5 albums up his sleeve, and “A Poet Was Here, Vol. 2” is his fifth and latest. “More Than Friends” is a single off of this album.

With this tune, Barnett collaborated with the strikingly talented R&B queen DaniJay who infuses the track with her sweet-sounding vocals and adds flavor with that unforgettable chorus.

Like a mixed martial artist, Barnett dances over the modest beats; articulately and competently landing some ear-grabbing rhymes in his signature wordplay virtuosity. He is effective and sleek, surfing smoothly over the bed of support provided by the beats to leave his indelible mark on the track.

The lovingly and deftly arranged beats that were produced by Sunny James Musiq feature a concoction of tuneful guitar melodies and pleasantly hit cymbals and hi-hats.

This beautiful arrangement really helps give the vocal performances more attention to help the listener develop their own deep and personal connections with the love-fueled lyrics.

Like the title suggests, “More Than Friends” is about a person wanting to advance their relationship after feeling that the ‘other person’ is indeed the one for them, and this is letting the other person know how they feel about them.

“More Than Friends’ has a good chill and cruise vibe when you are in a lovely mood and want to listen to something that will help that mood last longer.

Follow the attached link and let this masterpiece infuse your listening days!

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