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Based out of Athens, GA, Shedrick S.h.e.d Barnett is a poet who has been breaking ground as one of the most creative forces in poetry. He is an artist who continues to evolve and make his unique artistic imprint—a deeply personal statement from an artist who has never sounded this raw, this confident, and this fearless in facing the future. His poetry borrows from everyday happenings, mostly inspired by his own life as well as those close to him. He also possesses a powerful, expressive, and inimitable voice that is ideal for the genre.

“Looking For My Mama” is much more than just a song; this track is a true testament to the power of music in capturing raw human emotions and lived experiences, with each verse here like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait of raw feelings emanating from personal loss.

This track was inspired by the loss of his mom as well as both of his grandmas. The song’s powerful lyrics testify to the artist’s command of the language, vividly painting pictures with his emotive delivery as he articulates his feelings with eloquence and depth.

Lines such as, “It’s been a cruel world without her; she told me this day would come, but I would doubt her; I should have listened. Holidays just aren’t the same, years seem to be gone just as fast as they come; the atmosphere is full of tension; I realize now she held us all together; she was our shelter from the storm and weather…” depict how the mom’s death left such a void in their lives that it can never be filled.

This tune evokes such a profound sense of introspection and emotional depth. The soulful backing vocals by Athens-based singer Mista Lee help inject the song with that emotional depth to heighten its impact.

Shedrick really bares his soul, revealing all the emotions that come from losing a loved one, especially a mother.

Thanks to its healing essence, this piece comes as a heartfelt recommendation for anyone.

Follow the link to stream and save it to your library, and check out the entire album, “A Poet Was Here, Vol. 2” that features some other moving poems like this.

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