Grammy Nominated artist Shawn Cook is fresh from Los Angeles with an intense bravado and a rapid withering wit that knows no boundaries. He blends his music with genuine sentiments and lyrical honesty, brilliantly harmonizing the lines of contemporary sound with emotion-filled passionate, and provocative Contemporary rap superbly. His holistic approach is braided between an unrepentant and genuinely imaginative uncontrolled attitude in both melody and lyrical.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Shawn Cook got into the studio and what came of it is a genuine and emotion-filled masterpiece titled “Stay” off his upcoming EP Claudette. This is an openly vulnerable song inspired by his trials and tribulations as he reflects on his toxic relationship. The back and forth of wanting to let go and wanting to stay.

Shawn Cook poetically interpolates magic into the melody, matching the tempo of the rhythm with his rapping speed. The listener is drawn closer to the music from the beginning, thanks to the euphonious familiar guitar tone and the nearly instantaneous groovy deep-phased basslines.

Shawn Cook’s vocals are so melodic and blend with the instrumentation so perfectly, and one the best thing about this track is that it speaks to your heart and your soul. Something about it feels so special and will make you fall in love right from the first listen. While finding strength in his pain and vulnerability, Shawn Cook allows for a deep connection between this track and the listener!

The music video excellently complements this song. You will appreciate the superb quality and nostalgically rendered black-and-white cinematic visual delight that heightens and assures the message is understood. You’ll be astounded by the depth of detail and symbolism that allows a listener to live through the words while watching this captivating music video.

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