Shawn B is the name you need to familiarize yourself with as he is turning the industry on its head with his heavy presence in rap transcendence and versatile ingenuity. Laying down the roots and hatching the dream to bring hip-hop essence as listeners remember it, he has been incubating some refreshing ideas, honing his lyrical skills, and making groundbreaking jams in his own right. His motivation largely stems from the overwhelming support he receives from his own hometown in Rockford, Illinois, and the massive global online presence as listeners stream in their numbers his smash hits.

Shawn B exemplifies the essence of Hip-hop and the freedom of expression as he paints his tracks with immaculate attention to detail and adds in some extra layers of delectable and diverse elements to ensure that a listener is spoilt for choice. As a titan of multi-talent, he is able to offer endearingly both his singing side and the rap fluidity as he spits some witty bars like the wordsmith he is.

His latest track “Throw It Back” is scheduled for May 7th as the official release and this tune speaks to the power in love that allows two lovers to be secure and especially a woman who feels protected and even when they go ought to have those fun nights, they feel protected and safe in the hands of the other person. As an assurance, the recall of those times where you let your woman be while being there for her, Shawn B takes the center stage and gives an ode to such times!

Detailed in vivid imagery, Shawn B presents a massive scope of wordplay in his arsenal as he prides himself on his innate ability to connect to the heart and mind of a listener with his expressive and signature rap style over the hip-hop organic instrumental flow that is blended to perfection with every element sitting nicely in the mix and not overwhelming the overall sound and rhythm. He showcases powerful emotions, versatile bars, and wild dynamics in his sing-song transcendence as he ebbs and flows through the various sections- from the gripping low-end section to the bass-heavy and atmospheric sections.

Shawn B is on his element and is coming for the entire hip-hop roster. “Throw It Back” is now available for pre-save and pre-order.

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