A rising singer-songwriter from Chicago, Seraphina Sanan often brings her teen experiences into her emotive storytelling. Drawing inspiration from numerous past and present icons, her powerful yet subtle work represents her distinctive intimacy in her music. A theater and performer kid from an early age, she always knew that she would be a musician one day, and now at the age of 15, she is emerging as a musician with songs characterized by their lyrical intimacy. As an artist committed to vulnerability, she knows it can be challenging to surrender personal memories and emotions to an audience, but her voice is uniquely hers, and she has a lot to express. I guess we’re stuck with her terrific talents!

She really makes a statement with that debut single, “Left It All Behind”- a raw and diverse masterpiece that borrows inspiration from personal adolescent experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings emanating from failed relationships!

This song brings with it a beautifully vast and spacious sonic brightness that feels good to listen to as it takes components of pop, rock, and metal and weaves them all together into a wonderfully textured soundscape.

In beautiful contrast with the catchy vibe exuded by the instrumentation, Seraphina’s golden vocals bring that inescapable tone of melancholy with her incredible range, evoking emotions from within a listener, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge testament to her first-class artistry—the power to invoke emotions without straining for effect!

“Left It All Behind” is unique but familiar, refreshing and crisp, welcoming and nostalgic all at the same time. It is the kind that remains with you long after it is no more; simply put, it is golden!

Complementing it is that simple, eye-catching, and befitting music video that has over 25K views on YouTube and is worth checking out—the beautiful work of Richard Fields of Twin Voyage Productions.

Definitely take a deep dive into this track when you do get a chance because you certainly won’t regret it anytime soon, and when you do, turn it up!

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