Unapologetically bridging the world of hip hop, EDM, and R&B with that air of authenticity, the California-based rapper, singer, and record producer has been on a meteoric rise to stardom with his genre-blending sound, winning over fans and critics throughout the music sector. His work has shone brightly and impressively earned him a 6-digit following on Spotify. To date, Sephe is not only revered for the tasteful music that has rendered him over 300K Spotify monthly listeners but also for his unwavering passion for crafting music that exceeds expectations and ultimately helps toss the entire music production industry forward. Ever since his breakout album, “Neo” propelled him into the industry’s spotlight, he quickly began making significant contributions that have set the pace for positive social and entertainment trajectories. Furthermore, he does so while empowering aspiring producers and artists to leave their own unique marks within this transient space!

Sephe returns with another new album titled “twist?d” which was inspired by the classical works of LP by Antiloop. While going back to this nostalgic collection, he felt intrigued and inspired by such artistic excellence and was motivated to come up with this album inspired by Antiloop’s album

Sephe’s tremendous artistic talents shine through like a beacon from the very first note, making this a one-of-a-kind album that is truly magical. The blend of trap and EDM shines through most of the tracks, backed by R&B and soul influences here and there.

“twist?d” is everything we have come to expect from an artist of his caliber, and he does not disappoint. The bass flourishes in “Skarab” are absolutely insane; the mellow, cinematic allure of “shock” is undeniable; the vibrancy and hypnosis of “nil” are uncontainable; and the nostalgic, varied, and dexterous execution of a track like “commas” is definitely one for the books.

There is a lot for a music lover to enjoy in this authentic body of work that has been ingeniously crafted and executed with meticulous attention to detail.

It is a release that has engulfed the music world ever since it arrived; the raw energy and versatility packed here are impossible to ignore.

Sephe’s approach to production and execution is truly refreshing, as he doesn’t shy away from throwing a lot of elements into the mix, resulting in a sonic landscape that is unlike anything else currently available on the market.

“twist?d” has that nail-biting texture and raw intensity, and you can feel his love and heart throughout!

To savor this staggering album, follow the link and let the music transport you to another dimension!