This is a special moment, a moment born of genuine ingenuity and staggering creative audacity; this is a moment orchestrated by award-winning musical collaborative See Your Shadow based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by songwriter and producer, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman the group has gone on to taste deserved victory all emanating from their melodically transcending tracks. Some of those successes include having 5 Number 1’s on the iTunes Country Singles Chart in South Africa and they also happened to be named group of the year by The International Music Association. They have amassed over 300 K streams in Spotify across vast countries and have also accumulated more than 800 K Views on their YouTube channel. This has seen them get featured across many media outlets and their works have also been featured in the film, television, and at sporting events. What separates them from the other pack is their versatility, dynamism, and uniqueness in both songwriting and production. Coleman was the songwriter for this track who got inspiration while on that cocktail napkin and thinking about bacon! And now a musical composition that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius; experience a country track reimagined “Simple Special Moment”.

Melodically there are a plethora of engaging ideas on display and that is instantaneously highlighted with the flamboyant opening string of the guitar followed by the harmonic delicacy of the effective injections of the electric and bass guitars, the rhythmic drums and the candidly quintessential country instruments that make their claim in the background. The way in which elements of golden age country and contemporary country have been melded together is excellent and provides an affluence of contrasting stylistic idiosyncrasy that relentlessly offers listeners with intriguing ideas and sounds to keep them heavily invested throughout the 3 minutes and 21 seconds length of the song. The recording, sound engineering, and mix are of a very high degree and this track boasts great sonic clarity and warmth.

The twanging vocals and lyrical authenticity stand to resonate well with any listener with a penchant for the brighter side of destiny; this tune holds a richly powerful and potent message at its core by celebrating how even the most unplanned and unseen encounter with a stranger can yield significant results in a person’s life. Feel the power and embrace greatness by playing the track on repeat as it warrants such repeated listening experience with the way it has been superbly performed and breathtakingly arranged. This is what ingenuity looks like and See Your Shadow’s ascension to the very top is assured and will continue long into the future.

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