Originally from Poland and now based out of New York, Sebastian Kuchczynski is a professional drummer and producer with a successful career spanning decades as a drummer that has seen him record over 50 studio albums before he decided to try his hand as a producer. The song “Drifting” featuring female rapper Autumn Jones, is his debut single released by the NY-based label “Pomade Records.”

“Drifting” marks a significant milestone in Sebastian’s career, both as a drummer and producer. With a socially conscious theme at the track’s core and excellent production, he couldn’t have had a greater introduction into the music world.

The deeply thoughtful lyrics explore feelings of being lost and being disconnected from reality, dreams, and people. This is that confusing state where you yearn for your place in the world but can’t seem to find it. Everything feels bleak, but through this seeming desolate state, there is that resoluteness and fortitude to change fortunes.

With this beautifully ethereal and articulate track, Sebastian allows for an intimate look into the narrator’s deepest feelings and darkest times. This song features slick production and a stunning vocal performance by female rapper Autumn Jones, who breathes life into the lyrical narrative outstandingly.

The seamless blend between the drums and the cinematic melodic arrangement is stupendous and offers the perfect bed of support for Autumn’s vocals to flourish.

The official music video is at the core of this release and adds depth to the song, pushing the narrative to newer heights of understanding for the viewer and listener.

This is a top-drawer performance that deserves widespread embrace from fans and critics, which is why I am recommending it to you at this moment. Follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to Sebastian K’s YouTube channel, like the music video, add the song to your playlist, and share it with friends.

Sebastian Kuchczynski is working on his new full-length album titled “Yavia” which is expected to officially drop on September 25, 2023.

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