SC4Real, the versatile and confident artist hailing from South Carolina, initially made waves in the music scene with his mixtape “Shock Combat HD,” a project that garnered over half a million plays on SoundCloud. His unique blend of down South and East Coast musical influences set him apart from the crowd, establishing him as an artist unafraid to forge his own path.

With this background in mind, SC4Real’s latest release, “Hypermode,” is nothing short of a musical journey that builds upon his past successes. Drawing inspiration from “Shock Combat HD,” this album is a testament to his evolution as an artist.

“Hypermode” boasts an impressive lineup of tracks, each contributing its own flavor to the album’s sonic palette. The first track “The Warm Up” kicks off with an electrifying energy, setting the stage for SC4Real’s musical journey. The verses are laced with confidence, as he declares his readiness to take things to “hyper mode.” The catchy refrain of “Lock and load, let’s set the pace to run this race” is an instant earworm, and SC4Real’s delivery is smooth and effortless, drawing listeners in.

“Now or Never” exudes a sense of urgency, with SC4Real’s confident flow and clever wordplay taking center stage. He’s unapologetically himself, representing his roots with pride. The chorus’s call to action, “It’s now or never now,” is anthemic and sure to get crowds moving.

“Mafia” takes a different turn, embracing a more club-ready vibe. The beat is infectious, and SC4Real’s swagger is on full display as he weaves through clever metaphors and references. The chorus, with its repetition of “It’s goin’ up,” reinforces the party atmosphere of the track.

“Alive” is a standout track with its introspective and introspective lyrics. SC4Real delves into his journey and motivations, showcasing his lyrical prowess. The chorus, “I feel so alive,” is a powerful mantra of celebration and self-assuredness, making this track a feel-good anthem.

“Check My Style” is a bouncy and confident track that exudes a sense of self-assuredness and swagger. Its repetitive and catchy hook of “Check, check, check my style” creates a rhythmic vibe that’s easy to nod along to. SC4Real’s flow is smooth and poised as he delivers verses that touch on his confidence, charisma, and the party atmosphere he’s bringing. Here lyrics are lighthearted, celebrating individuality and personal style, and the overall feel of the song is upbeat and infectious. It’s the kind of track that can get a crowd hyped up at a party or club with its energetic and repetitive chorus.

Lyrics in both “Mamba Mentality” and “21st Floor” convey a sense of determination, confidence, and ambition.

In “Mamba Mentality,” SC emphasizes their unwavering commitment to hard work and striving for greatness, inspired by the legendary Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality.” He is dedicated to his craft and determined to succeed, brushing off any naysayers or obstacles in their path. The repetition of key lines reinforces the message and determination.

“21st Floor,” on the other hand, explores a different theme. It paints a picture of a wild and passionate lifestyle, where the artist and their companions engage in reckless and exhilarating activities. Lyrics suggest a hedonistic and carefree approach to life, with a focus on enjoying the moment to the fullest.

“Cool Talk” is a lyrical expression of the SC’s confidence and charisma. He asserts himself as a smooth and cool rebel who’s in control of their game. He begins by affirming his identity with the repeated lines “Yes I be, S to the C.” This sets the tone for the self-assured character he portrays throughout the song. He claims to have a razor-sharp skill with words, comparing themselves to “Sweeney Todd,” a fictional character known for his sharp wit. He asserts that their rhymes are so potent that they hit you “at your throat,” implying that their lyrics are impactful.

“Hypermode” is not just an album; it’s a riveting journey through the world of hip-hop and rap that will leave you craving more. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of these genres or just exploring them, “Hypermode” offers an unforgettable experience. So, don’t miss out on this musical adventure!