Tuning into the echoes of rock royalty like Avril Lavigne and Debbie Harry, while simultaneously channeling the sparkling energy of pop sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Sarah Sunday weaves a melody that breathes life into the legacy of her idols. The pulsating rhythm of her punk rock sound is reminiscent of a time when the genre was in its golden age, yet Sarah’s rendition brings an electrifying freshness that pulls you into her own universe of music.

The serendipitous tale of Sarah’s discovery reads like a screenplay of a Hollywood movie. Picture this: Dj Mbj, a renowned producer and songwriter, was innocently perusing the shelves of a local Sephora, only to be struck by the charismatic allure of an employee – Sarah. Intrigued by her unique persona, Dj Mbj was compelled to ask if she could sing. Her confident nod of affirmation marked the genesis of a dynamic partnership that has since made its indelible mark on the music scene.

Inherited from her father, a virtuoso pianist, Sarah’s profound connection to music is palpable. She flirts with a kaleidoscope of genres, but it’s the intoxicating charm of the 80s, in music and fashion, that truly resonates with her. In an era where the retro sound is making a comeback, Sarah’s music is a nostalgic throwback yet entirely fresh. A testament to the cyclical nature of art, her sound encapsulates the notion that history repeats itself, hitting all the right notes in the modern music landscape.

In her track “all the world is crazy,” Sarah hits the zeitgeist on the head. In an era that feels like it’s spinning off its axis, Sarah paints an audioscape of our shared experience. Her unique fusion of pop, punk, and EDM swirls around an undeniably infectious chorus, “Tell Me How To make the world So Happy.” This poignant plea embodies our collective desire for a respite from the chaos and has undoubtedly struck a chord, resulting in her singles topping the Starfleet Music Record Pool.

The world can’t seem to get enough of Sarah Sunday, with her vibrant social media presence, candid online interviews, and glowing reviews. She’s not just another artist; she’s a musical meteor on a skyrocketing trajectory.

“all the world is crazy” is more than just a track. It’s a testament to Sarah’s artistic prowess and her ability to navigate, and thrive, in the complex landscape of contemporary music. With her punk rock ethos and infectious energy, she pays a heartfelt tribute to the iconic female vocalists who paved the way, all while blazing her own trail. As the world whirls in its relentless chaos, Sarah’s music stands as a beacon of hope, a reminder that beauty and harmony can still bloom amidst the madness.

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