Sarah Morgan stands out as one of my favorite music discoveries of 2023. She exudes genuine star quality, and her versatility and dynamism, combined with her refreshingly innovative presentation of indie rock sound in multiple forms, make her an artist to seriously watch out for. And her name, Sarah Morgan, is simply the name of a superstar…you know there are artists’ names that really fit in like a glove; talk about Madonna, Shakira, Beyoncé, and Sarah Morgan! I feel like she went with her real name to mirror her unapologetic authenticity as she seeks to make the world a much better place with her musical gifts.

Her debut single, “Daughter’s Age” is a raw masterpiece by any measure of the word. It’s fascinating how she skillfully challenges the status quo via a non-cookie-cutter rock arrangement, creating a tune worth remembering.
She really wears her non-traditional attire like a glove, shining greatly with a track that carries such a deep theme at its heart.

The intro and buildup are stripped back and mellow, offering solid support for Sarah Morgan’s golden voice as she exudes such emotional depth with her performance. The lyrics here explore a complicated situation between a rich dad and a daughter who wants to forge her own path.

Sarah packs an appropriate punch with her emotive delivery, and around the 3:09 mark, everything changes: a timeless medley of insane guitar licks, swooping riffs, upright bass, and pounding drums is unleashed, adding to the depth, texture, and sonic intensity backed by Sarah’s incredibly powerful, soulful, and assertive vocals.

It is the uniqueness and equally accessible demeanor of this tune that has earned it widespread acclaim and made listeners notice the incredible talent that is Sarah Morgan.

This is such an alluring masterpiece and quite the introduction for this undeniably talented songstress, whose future in the music world is foreseeably great!

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