Combine a significant amount of rebellious spirit, fierce personality, charming attitude, and unequalled stage presence, and you have yourself Sarah Jade performing the track “Jericho”- a banger brimming with such emotions, thrills, and energy to match. On the mic, Sarah packs such a powerful punch, taking the listener on a journey through emotional terrain, echoing the strength and resilience of the historical Jericho. How she manages to make this track so addictive, enchanting, and hypnotic all at the same time, it’s unclear how she does it, but she does, and that’s enough – at least for the time being!

This track features a cinematic intro that is almost immediately accompanied by atmospheric riffs, setting the standard for the track as Sarah confidently rides this mesmerizing foundation with her conversational tone, gradually revealing her true vocal prowess and culminating in a dynamic vocal display that is beautifully haunting!

“Jericho” features such an impeccable blend of color and edginess as it bears an intriguing dive and a deep groove pertaining to the genre appeal of pop rock. There’s a lot about this track that feels alive and breathing, but also like you’re listening to something that amalgamates both old and new school approaches together so that you get something that feels almost nostalgic in a way but at the same time has that futuristic style as well.

This is such an excellent combination, if you ask me, because the textures that are involved in the song have a way of melding into one another and bouncing off each other simultaneously, and when you add Sarah’s gracious and subtly powerful vocals to the mix, then there is enough reason to believe that you have been hypnotized, and it’s not your fault…the music is simply too good!

“Jericho” also features an eye-catching music video that is now available on YouTube and worth checking out.

This track is the first single off of her upcoming “Into The Indigo” debut EP with Rokovoko Records, the Milan-based label to which she is currently signed.

So as you push the play button, you immerse yourself in a self-empowering world where you are unapologetically yourself without folding under societal pressure.

To enjoy this delightfully charming and empowering track, follow the attached link and let the music uplift your playlist as well.

For more insight into Sarah’s artistry, follow her on

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