Anchored in his rich musical background and years of dedication to his craft, Sage Hatfield’s accomplishment is a testament to the transformative power of music. Whether it’s the undeniable rhythm of his impeccably strummed guitars or the harmonies and melodies he conjures, his sonic narrative continues to captivate the hearts and minds of music fans globally, making him an artist to watch as his journey continues unfolding.

His latest single, “Wet Brick & Roses” has been built around a folk-pop foundation in a way that sparks curiosity and invites a listener to open their ears and hearts to something absolutely different and emotionally resonant as well.

The gently strummed guitar tones meld graciously with the thoughtfully performed and executed cello. On the mic, Sage immediately takes the listener on a journey of profound emotion and heartfelt conviction.

The soundscape is so chilled and relaxing and has been lovingly arranged courtesy of Jonah Siegel, whose expertise in harmonic execution shines through, never failing to impress, perfecting the harmonies, and coming up with such an ear-worming sound that tugs at a listener’s heartstrings in intimate ways.

Sage also sought the help of phenomenally gifted vocalist Gia Calabrese who does well to inject the song with flair, variety, and texture with her golden backing vocal harmonies, working in perfect harmony with Sage to achieve profound emotional gratification!

Additionally, “Wet Brick & Roses” has a striking and captivating music video with imposing visuals that are the ideal match for the song’s essence and storyline.

This is the second single off Sage’s highly anticipated upcoming project, “Postcards From New England” that is now closer to dropping than ever!

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