When it comes to the realm of unique musical expressions, Vermont-based folk-pop multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and performer Sage Hatfield sits atop the hierarchy; he consistently breaks from the expected norm, and that is what has kept him relevant over the years in his roles as a singer, instrumentalist, and performer. The truth of the matter is that he sings from his heart and is always looking to forge a real connection with his listeners, another distinctive quality that makes him an artist to watch and listen to. And now he is back with an enchanting, lively ballad titled “I Thought You’d Never Ask!” featuring Hannah Bowers—another incredible vocalist!

With its beautiful, flowing melodies and wonderfully endearing nature, “I Thought You’d Never Ask!” is a splendid blending of both traditional and new-age styles. Sage has crafted a deeply engrossing soundscape that makes great use of its atmospheric textures and highly graceful melodic sensibilities.

Any great traditional folk pop masterpiece has the undeniable power to effortlessly evoke a strong emotional response from its listeners, and “I Thought You’d Never Ask!” does just that with resounding success.

Consider the instrumental variety derived from the string, the percussive, and the traditional instruments here; each element of the track is marvelously executed, and the many melodies are graciously woven between one another with both utmost delicacy and refinement, allowing for a particularly free-flowing arrangement that is an absolute joy to get swept up by!

On the mic, Sage brings his expressive, emotive, and powerful vocals, breathing life into the unique lyrical content, before guest artist Hannah backs that up with her angelic and golden voice, adding to the song’s depth and sonic elegance.

The accompanying music video elevates the song to new heights of appeal and really is the perfect complement to the track, both in narrative and essence!

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