RXCO NATAL was born in South Africa, Durban with not so much as an undeniable love for music that started to show when he was still a toddler, a passion that has never faltered and which he has carried with him until now as a recording hip hop artist and performer with a style and sound of his own within the tradition of first-rate rapping and one that is rooted in the traditionalism of the hip hop and rap genre.

With his latest album “GOD’S WILL” NATAL sets out to explore the overarching themes of life; mostly inspired by his own tumultuous as well as triumphant experiences that allow him to create tracks that are not only enticing, but also feel like the soundtracks of most people’s lives. Simply put, this is a deeply relatable project that any listener can identify with as long as they listen keenly enough to decipher the message that has sometimes been wrapped in visual metaphors, cerebral wordplay, heavy punchlines, and scholarly rhymes.

RXCO NATAL’s real-life has been embellished throughout the project over a luxury-sounding production. The album also contains guest verses from two of rap’s most mythical and elusive characters; the big boss Rock Ross and the versatile king Dizzy Wright.

In the track “DIE YOUNG”, RXCO delivers a nostalgic masterpiece with Luther Ingram’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” sample-driven anime intro before NATAL takes over with verses full of tongue-twisting anecdotes before continuing to stamp his authority over the nostalgically soulful beat, ebbing and flowing with his unmistakable voice.

In “BLAME” RXCO continues to deliver his trademark verses full of metaphors and spiritual musings. This track sees NATAL tip-toeing over the slightly more menacing production; with the hypnotic chilling harmonies underpinned by stabbing bass notes fashioning a seriously likable masterpiece.

On the track “LET US GO”, RXCO comes off bare-knuckle, unleashing the beast within—coming through with an onslaught of bars over a soaring production that gets the listener all hyped up and in the mood to roar. If I were a football or basketball player, this is the kind of track I put in the dressing room to get everyone all fired up and ready to cook the opponent when we get on the field.

In another blockbuster performance, RXCO brings the legendary Rick Ross to the track “WAY I GET IT” which feels like galaxies have collided. Going toe to toe, this performance right here is the personification of a billboard’s potential. With such razor-sharp lyricism, NATAL proves that he belongs to the Ivy League as much as anyone else on the global rap roster.

“ROCKIN WIT” is another special delivery featuring Dizzy Wright. First things first, you just have to applaud that beat; this is the kind of instrumental that immediately holds you captive thanks to its indescribably magical feel. The arrangement is simply out of this world and really provides the ice on which RXCO and Wright skate.

I could go on and on about why “GOD’S WILL” is not an album to miss out on, but I will stop for now to let you be the judge as you experience a certain level of musicianship that you didn’t even know existed; this is such a top-drawer performance that can be matched by few artists in NATEL’s era, and that is why he deserves critical acclaim.

To understand what the hype is all about, follow the provided link and live through these tracks like a religious experience…let them fuel your own passion and creativity and drive you to be the best version of yourself!