A complete artist is the sum of many parts, and for Robin T, a 22-year-old based out of Nashville, TN, the rich fabric of his birthplace, South Africa, is woven into the swagger of his Irish upbringing, which combined with his life in the USA will allow him to incorporate a unique set of musical influences that will hopefully resonate with audiences around the world. His debut single, “Hold Me Tight,” serves as a testament to his versatility, introducing a promising artist to the forefront of the ever-evolving music industry.

“Hold Me Tight” gets off to an exhilarating impact; the dance-pop, deep driving inspired beats are set to immediately appeal to you and have you dancing within no time as they lay down the ice for Robin T to skate on!

Robin T then breathes life into the lyrical narrative with his golden and brazen vocals that melt over the beats like candy. He has got that unique voice that feels effortlessly powerful and is earworming at the same time.

His way of delivery really highlights the anthemic strengths of this masterpiece and I love how as the tune progresses, there is that surprising turn with the addition of edgy hip-hop influences with Robin T handling the moment with exceptional lyrical dexterity.

The chorus for this track lures the listener in every time and takes up residence in their brain for the rest of the day…you won’t be able to resist the effect this performance will have on you- it is so addicting and as someone who loves to dance, I sure did enjoy the track’s danceable quality.

This is a debut sound developed and delivered within the tradition of first-class singing; I honestly can’t think of a better way to introduce yourself to the musical world other than with a performance of this high quality.

To listen to this super special debut jam from someone with his whole life ahead of him; follow the attached link and add this tune to your music library.

I can’t wait to hear what Robin T has in store next because, with that performance, my interest in him is already piqued!

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