Accompanied by an impressive melody line and an excellent rhythm, the rapper BT the Artist has presented us with his new soundtrack, which perfectly exemplifies his style. With an unwavering personality, the rapper unveiled his infectious vocals, which groove in a silky manner that definitely deserves attention.

It is extremely rare to find artists who have left an indelible impact on the minds of their audiences through their plethora of effects and meticulous detailing. He’s certain to make his way to the mainstream league with enough energy, talent, and a knack for producing the unique sounds that were effortlessly projected in his new single “Risks.” featuring Kevin Hues.

The track floats along with an entrancing beat, effortlessly incorporating his vocal tone and lyrical comprehension. Lyrically, the song discusses the chances he took to get to where he is. The verses represent the artist’s talent, abilities, and a strong understanding of hip hop and rap, with a relatable approach and expressive bars.

Since the single’s theme is relatable, fans of BT the Artist as well as other people who appreciate fresh and inventive music will undoubtedly want to hear “Risks” which spans from well-balanced, stylistic instruments to the artistic flares of its lyrical material and rhythm.