Rich Pesos Guap Callin

An MVP literally and metaphorically, Rich Pesos has always been determined to showcase his true talents in rapping ever since he discovered he could smoke some bars over the mic. This multi-talented act happens to be a songwriter, and producer and he is also the owner and CEO of the record label, “Rich Dreams Music”- an independent label that is dedicated to selling some exceptional artists’ work out there. Rich Pesos is indisputably the rising artist with the rap spotlight and his way of delivery is as mesmerizing as it is fashionable!

He brought the whole squad together in his richly engineered rap anthem dubbed, “Guap Callin”- a hypnotic rap anthem from the onset all the way to the end with the way every act in here brings their A-game to make for an ear-grabbing favorite track. Wavy, bouncy, and blazing backed by some juicy flows are some of the words you can use to describe this ultimatum track that is going to turn heads in the rap roster very soon!

“Guap Callin” is the case where everyone in the group project delivers with the flows seamlessly transitioning smoothly and effectively from one lyrist to the other. The introductory vintage and atmospheric synth lines are soon blended with the blazing beats colored by some deep-phased bass and articulately resounding 808s for that heavy hip-hop sound that is bound to shake your speakers from within!

You will absolutely be engaged in the catchy hooks section that design the capstone of this track while busting some moves of your own as the track makes an impression on you with every successive listen. This is irrefutably the case of a certified banger!

We really can’t wait for when this track officially drops for it is an addicting anthem that will command the hip-hop airwaves in all the trending ways. Follow Rich Pesos on the attached socials for he is building something firm and with your support, he is surely set to take over as the rest of the world proudly acknowledges such persistency, ingenuity, and authentic swag he brings to the game!

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