She admits she just needs a thought; more or less a sentence long, a beat, and limitless bars will stream from her head like a tsunami; who, you might ask! Well, you have to remember the name RG Coca because she will be a big part of your musical life if you are into real and authentic rap music. Extraordinary feels like a bit of an understatement, and calling her a genius would really undo the time and effort that contributed to her becoming the potential queen of rap she is now- and this is in no way an exaggeration. And like Michelangelo once said, “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius!”

She graced “The Block Performance” with a raw, epic, and hard-hitting freestyle christened “Lost It,” and I think this is only appropriate because after her performance I had completely “Lost It!” I was over the moon for her and overjoyed even more knowing that the present and future of rap music is in safe hands with such boundless talents as RG Coca!

She really knows how to drop those bars without even straining for effort. I tried to do a bar count and lost it in the middle, I just found myself hyping her up like how I imagine the producers do in the studio (Ps: I have only seen this in music-related movies and documentaries, but that doesn’t diminish my point, does it?).

RG Coca goes on and on in these 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and after catching my breath on her behalf (I felt she needed it, don’t judge me! ), I just had to applaud such lyrical depth as I pushed the play button once again to get another dose of that performance!

There really is a lot for us loyal hip-hop heads to get excited about with RG Coca; this is just the start for her as she prepares the world for a takeover. As we speak, she is working on a stunning visual for her new project, which is expected to drop very soon, and you don’t want to miss that!

To witness for yourself the magnitude of talent we are talking about here; follow the attached YouTube link, and if you lose it for her; follow her everything and don’t let her off your radar even for a second. We are taking this journey together with her whether she likes it or not, and she relinquished that right to choose the moment she decided to become this good!