A unique name isn’t the only thing this first-rate lyricist possesses; RexoXo, based out of Los Angeles, California, also has that righteous, self-empowered swagger, which might rub some people up the wrong way, but that’s just him being natural; after all, he is young, handsome, and rich…with a crib-sized confidence to back that up. On the emceeing front, he is not one to be second-guessed, as he displays a certain kind of venom from within him that enables him to easily spit at the sight of a mic and any sort of beat. With that star glow inside of him, a stellar stage presence, provocative rhymes, and masterful flows, the stage is already set for RexoXo to make his mark!

“Disturbing the Peace” is the sort of banger you want to cruise down the street to—the hard-hitting beats exploding from within the car speakers, windows rolled all the way down as you bump your head to the rhythm!

RexoXo comes off braggadocious with some witty and party-inspired rhymes as he displays his wealth of flows by effortlessly dropping his bars without ever straining for effort. This track has got all the quality features of a club banger- when the DJ puts this on his set, he is guaranteed of an exuberant reaction…this is a real crowd pleaser!

As aforementioned, the beats are heavy with a coherent blend of the pounding synths, the signature hi-hats, expressive 808s, pounding basslines and drums, and a variety of other luxurious percussive rhythms and melodies that have been tailor-made for partying.

I also loved the banana-inspired cover art—a very ingenious and humorous depiction of this certified banger!

“Disturbing the Peace” is already living up to its title; it is already on heavy rotation everywhere, and I suggest you get acquainted with this impressive body of work right now by following the attached link and adding it to your library!

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