Reina Subramanian - Heartstrings
While other artists struggle to put words together, the same cannot be said about the rapidly rising songstress Reina Subramanian who has effortlessly been turning real-life-inspired stories into melodies with nearly universal appeal. Her debut single, “Breathe Slow,” introduced a stunningly talented female songster to the music world with a penchant for delivering relatable anthems—and in a way that has crossover appeal. Currently boasting more than 20K monthly Spotify listeners, it is safe to say that her meteoric rise to superstardom has been inevitable.

“heartstrings” is the latest groundbreaking release for Reina, a 3-track EP. This collection is extensive, visceral, raw, cathartic, and inspiring. The title track is a modern and upbeat pop-flavored masterpiece. The hauntingly familiar percussive intro, which lays the foundation for this track and forms part of the quintessential melody, will remain in your head for days!

Reina’s soft and smooth voice immediately gives you an eargasm as she sings deep into your heart and soul. At its heart, “heartstrings” has a significant message about being cautious of the words that come from our mouths. You should never underestimate the power of your tongue. The song affirms that while it is essential to express our opinions boldly, we should also be sensitive to other people’s feelings and own up to the consequences of our words should they end up hurting others in the process.

With that upbeat vibe, captivating vocals, and a memorable chorus, “heartstrings” has all the qualities of a radio staple. “look the other way” is another lively track with sing-along vibes. At its core, this track speaks to all the young women about being alive to their self-worth and self-love and rising above emotional manipulation and toxic love.

“look the other way” is a spellbinding rallying call to all the young women out there to stand up for themselves and refuse to be played games by people who only use them for convenience. This is an authentic masterpiece delivered with such an intimate and raw vocal tone over the spectacular blend of rhythm and melody!

“all the way through” is a bit laid-back and relaxed compared to the other two. This song is an inspirational ballad with a seamless marriage of mellow drums, thoughtful background piano, and undeniably mellifluous and emotionally raw vocals that serenade your exposed soul.
This is the ballad to remind listeners of their impending victory and success so long as they keep believing in themselves. You must remember that behind every strong person is a story that gave them two choices; sink or swim!

Released on February 17th, 2023, “heartstrings” EP is already on heavy rotation everywhere with massive stream numbers to show for it- deservedly acclaimed in such a short period. It’s about time that you also get the chance to experience this musical greatness; follow the attached link and boost your playlist!


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