A Dubai queen celebrated singer and pianist; Raisa Knusel has been taking the music world by surprise with her dynamism and charisma as she stakes a claim in the eclectic world of diverse melodies; coming through with a sound that transcends the lyrical and melodic borders in ways that not one single genre can define! She employs the aura of unpredictability and does not like limiting her sound to just one definitive style (you can call her the mystery queen!), and that is what makes her a fan favorite with many listeners gravitating toward her unique and versatile sound that apart from entertaining, heals and nourishes the soul in indescribably captivating ways!

Even though her sound cannot be limited to just a single genre, it carries with it the finger-licking elements of assertive jazz, the imposing contemporary pop, and some touching shades of blues and R&B for that abundance and luxury. Her recently released single “Time to Love” drew plaudits from numerous magazines and global listeners.

“Guard Down” speaks directly to a listener’s heart and the effect it caresses the soul in a gentle and pleasant way. This is for the ones who are afraid of loving, being hurt/heartbroken, and have guarded their feelings and chosen to never confront love from its den of caged passion. Raisa just wants to reassure you that it is okay to try, it is not a crime to let your guard down; in her plausibly soothing voice, she understands and is only imploring for a single try!

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This captivating and emotion-filled melody is tranquilizing right from the intro where the piano is hit calmly with measured strength and staggering adroitness- from there a listener is treated to a piano-dominant euphony with some percussive extras thrown in for stylish opulence and Raisa’s voice taking over the moment in candid fashion; her sweet mellifluous and stunningly soft vocals whisking a listener to a planet full of love and life exactly where she wants you to be and serenading your mind and soul in ways words alone cannot define.

The track transcends in melody and vocality and takes on the listener with it until the last touch where it releases you in a rhythmically respectful way. So there you have it, folks, don’t be afraid to let your guard down and love; follow the attached link to get yourself treated to some Raisa magnificence.

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