Rachel Davie - Love Is in the Air

Rachel Davie Lee is the epitome of a songstress who has mastered her craft to the utmost perfection, and we are all for it. Whenever she takes the center stage, Rachel ensures that her love and passion for music is portrayed in a manner that will change everyone’s feel towards music (hard-headed persons included!) Her seamless blend of soul and R&B and her innate penchant for delivering infectious tunes always leave fans eager for what’s next from this fast-rising star. With that in mind, I couldn’t be more thrilled to review this authentic artist’s work—she has shown that she has every tool at her disposal to be a revered cultural force!

I would like to think that the cover art for her unanimously acclaimed single, “Love Is In The Air,” is MJ-inspired—it has to! Anyhoo, this tune reaches the core of emotional gratification in every possible human way you’d imagine!

This is a masterpiece from head to toe, fully realized and detail-oriented. I could not contain myself when Rachel dives in with her indescribably soulful vocals that nicely float over the half-modern, half-nostalgic R&B melodies.

Holding so much effortless power, her voice is just gusty and one to fill in a room- when she sings, it is like she is singing to you live and you feel every bit of the raw emotions from that vocal showmanship!

Soulful, haunting, and backed by emotional and vivid storytelling at its core, “Love Is In The Air” is a radio staple from start to finish and one you just don’t want to get over!

If the world were to end today; then I’d go on happy, knowing pretty well that the last thing I listened to was this meticulously crafted masterpiece.

It gives me so much inexpressible joy to know that Rachel Davie Lee has so much planned for this year in as far as her craft is concerned; there is no place you’d rather be- you are home, you can take off everything and relax in that couch over there!

To listen to this uplifting and cathartic body of work; follow the attached link and indulge in this delicacy with relish!

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