R.Y.M is a musical project made up of twin brothers Yves-Emmanuel and Marc-Antoine Rouhana based out of Byblos, Lebanon. This duo is breaking barriers and redefining empowerment through music and art whose repertoire defies expectations and inspires others to pursue possibility in this ever-changing industry. They are also representing the Middle Eastern culture and its people, especially the youth, through their genre-blending sounds. Music transcends language barriers; it is in itself a global language that transcends barriers of time, place, and space, and they have been harnessing this power to empower, inspire, and entertain anyone who comes into close contact with their craft, as well as encourage up-and-coming artists out of the Middle East and indeed young people to leave their own unique marks in whatever it is they are best at.

R.Y.M wants to be known as one of the most impactful independent hip-hop artists of their generation by using their music to raise awareness by addressing themes such as self-discovery, mental health, therapy, female empowerment, justice, equality, spirituality, and cosmic revelations.

With their new single, “AL Qiyama” which is an Arabic word for “resurrection”, R.Y.M once again demonstrate their limitless versatility and creativity as musicians and storytellers.

Influenced by melodies and rhythms, R.Y.M crafts lyrics that speak to them on a deeply personal level, blending masterful flows, wise perspectives, thought-provoking observations, and erudite wordplay.

Combining intricate wordplay and poetic finesse while still rounding out each verse with that memorable hook, this is a track you will want to ride with.

They absolutely nailed this top-drawer performance; that fusion of the Middle Eastern beat and the Western lyrics and rap give this banger its broad appeal.

This single signifies R.Y.M’s musical rebirth and a representation of Middle Eastern evolution and ascendency in creative arts and music. R.Y.M represent the modern Middle Eastern youth who now isn’t afraid of showcasing his talents due to fear of stereotype or judgment…watch this space!

Accompanied by a lyric video with some stunning background visuals, “Al Qiyama” has to be your new favorite rap anthem.

The songwriting here reflects R.Y.M’s radical authenticity while showcasing their versatility and ability to blend styles seamlessly.

R.Y.M is a strong advocate of using the power of music to uplift and inspire others to elevated levels of consciousness.

Join them as they embark on this journey of empowerment, uplifting, and entertainment. Start by streaming and adding “Al Qiyama” to your library.

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