The new EP ‘Quiet Majesty’ by Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill brings together two richly creative artists in effortless co-creation. ‘Quiet Majesty’ is a unique and powerful combination of spoken word and transcendent music.

Jacob’s sensitive playing lifts and frames Ben’s deep, intimate voice on a layered and subtle bed of sound. The effect is mesmerizing, leading the listener on a journey of enchantment and feeling. Unusual and affecting, vulnerable and brave this project stands out as something different. A jewel to savor

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About The Artists

Jacob Hauge Mateo (DK) is a producer, singer/songwriter, pianist and a father of two boys. ‘Quiet Majesty’ is his 5th album. He has almost 14.000 followers on Facebook and in average more than 10.000 listeners on Spotify each month.

Photo Credit: Elvirah Flor Søgaard

Ben Bushill (UK) is a bard, soothsayer, wizard of words. A husband and father of three girls. A carpenter and a writer. A performer and a recording artist.

The New Ep ‘Quiet Majesty’ is out on all major platforms on Good Friday 15th April. Find out more about Jacob at or and Ben at