Anyone telling you that hip hop needs saving most probably hasn’t listened to Phunc Milla, the new king in town based out of Morehead City, North Carolina. He has been commandeering a new type of sound that incorporates experimental funk and other styles with near-flawless execution, arriving at something that is genuinely brand new. By combining funk elements with hip-hop lyrical prowess, Phunc Milla’s tracks are filled with eclectic influences and fusions of genres that are reaching people globally. Without conceding to whatever trend, he has become the master of his own craft and the trendsetter that others are ineffectively trying to copy!

With his new album, “THA LUV POTION,” an 18-track collection offering over an hour of surreal listening experience, Phunc Milla has factored into that triumphant crossover of singles that really feel like events, and I feel his listening base has been too good to care. Charmed by his fun-loving spirit, ebullient interjections, and the well-placed talent that has flanked him, this album qualifies for the title, “Album of the Year.”

I still feel trapped inside that performance in “Outta Space”; I can still feel Phunc Milla’s hip-hop voice vibrantly singing over my ears. This is a proper anthem, with the catchy hooks remaining stuck in your head for days. Those beats are way too heavy, man, and the type to crash your windows down. Living true to his motto good vibes only, this banger is the sort you listen to when you are in a happy mood and just want to vibe to something that will make that feeling last longer!

Outspokenly expressing a righteous, self-empowered swagger in the track “You Got To Face It”, the self-appointed king of NC delivers some thought-inspiring, provocative rhymes delivered with a masterful flow and a wise perspective over the seemingly old-school-inspired beats. His deliverability is so smooth and places you there at the moment as he delivers a motivational and equally entertaining masterpiece. True to his affirmation, if you are rolling with him, you better be prepared for one hell of a ride!

“Tell Me If (You Want It)” is the sort of banger that undoubtedly stands the test of time; at its core is that unmatched rhyme pattern that Phunc Milla drops without even straining for effort. His synthesis of well-crafted rhetoric and street-glamorous imagery blossoms when he lays down some fiery verses in this track that are bound to earn him an up-and-coming notice in the east coast rap scene!

Back to his roots; blending musical boundaries between funky rhythms and hip-hop imagination, “2 Fine” is the type of track that inspires you to dance. In his delivery, he showcases that he is as competent a singer as he is a rapper, moonwalking over the beats in a way that comes off as so natural and earworming. And that chorus right there is simply unforgettable!

“She Bossin” is another one that features some soul-stirring, heart-throbbing instrumentation with a special cocktail of vintage synth lines, the signature trap-inspired hi-hats, the low-end 808s, and bouncing drums to make it a certified street anthem and the best chill and cruise beat for the summer. That sophisticated rhyme pattern highlights Phunc Milla’s trill of words, tonality, and command.

“Party Party” has been tailor-made for those epic house parties where you just drink, smoke, and dance the night away. The chorus, “we gon’ drink, we gon’ smoke, we gonna party till we broke…” confirms the banger’s theme about letting loose and having the night of your life. The tweeter-splitting beats are best enjoyed with the volume at its maximum.

I can guarantee you that “THA LUV POTION” is the real deal, as he blends hard-hitting lyrics with a pristine production style that is geared towards the future of music. He is sure to capture your attention with his lyrical wit, as displayed in his songwriting. Combining purest elements from old-school rap with modern funky production and backing it with his commanding stage presence, his style in this album bridges the gap between musical generations!

“THA LUV POTION” is hip-hop music at its finest! Follow the attached link to stream this masterpiece in its entirety and find out which tracks you dig the most!

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