Repping Morehead City, Phunc Milla, a trailblazing sensation, has taken the music industry by storm with his unparalleled talent, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyricism. He possesses an innate magnetic charisma and an insatiable hunger for self-expression. Armed with a razor-sharp wit and an introspective outlook on life, Phunc fearlessly dives into the depths of his own experiences, painting vivid pictures with his words that resonate with listeners on a profound level. As both a rapper and an artist, he seamlessly blends genres to create a sonic landscape that is uniquely his own. His music transcends traditional boundaries, transporting listeners to a realm where emotions run wild and dreams come true.

Phunc’s lyrics serve as a mirror to society, shining light on the street and hood life and vividly painting what street hustle is all about. He is a conscious rapper who puts in time and effort in order to create something that resonates with listeners on a deep, emotional, and personal level.

In his 7-track album “7EVEN”, Phunc showcases his prowess across each meticulously crafted track, creating some stellar moments to show that he’s a star worthy of fanfare. To provide a glimpse into this project, here are a few tracks that resonated significantly with me.

It is the little details that sometimes make all the difference, and to me, the gentle piano melodies in the opener, “Carolina Dreamin” really create a splendid impact. Setting the tone for the jam, the thoughtfully hit piano lays a smooth foundation before the equally modest and distinct beat provides a captivating backdrop for Phunc’s insightful rhymes. He is masterful, with some wise perspectives and self-empowering bars, delivering such a purposeful performance. Even as the unmistakable beat thrives, the hypnotic piano still allures in the background.

“Check How I Do It” sees Phunc assert his lyrical prowess with his imaginative flows, capturing the track’s essence with some thought-provoking bars and amplifying the track’s essence with that unforgettable hook at the track’s heart. This track evokes the golden age of underground hip-hop and rap.

From the very start, the beat strikes with the impact of a bullet, reminiscent of a T-1000 scenario, and both Phunc and guest emcee Robz1Ne do not let it go to waste, eating it up and leaving no crumbs! With creatively referential and autobiographical bars, Phunc showcases such finesse to glide over this sick beat. The production here is exquisite and a perfect fit for Phunc’s brilliant delivery.

Another standout is “Let’s Get Jacked” which captivates thanks to the catchy, repeated hooks of “let’s get jacked” that accentuate its anthemic weight. This is one of those jams that gets you amped up and is perfect to play on your car speakers, the volume at its maximum as you pull up to your homies with your classic whip.

To say that “7EVEN” hits closer to home feels like an understatement. This album is an instant classic without a single skip and really paints Phunc in great light, seeing that he is one of the hardest-working emcees out there, flipping the music industry on its head.

If you are looking for hip-hop music that is extensive, inspiring, empowering, and entertaining, look no further than Phunc Milla’s “7EVEN.”

This epitomizes the essence of real hip-hop music, both in feel and sound. Kudos to him for creating something this genius and taking a listener on a ride. Enjoy this masterpiece and recommend it to your friends.