A casual meet-up at work is where Philomuse was born. By bringing together Alec Williams and Michael Young, an indestructible musical connection was sparked as the two of them soon discovered they shared similar tastes in music and therefore decided it was worth it if they blended their musical tastes and created music that they both loved. Michael then introduced Alec to his longtime friend and jam partner, Seth Sherley, who became the third member of Philomuse to play the drums. The trio performed for a while before Seth brought along another gifted bass player, Jared Bone, who completes this quartet based out of Clarksville, TN, except Alec, who lives in Paducah, KY.

Philomuse is ultimately what happens when seasoned and diversely talented artists, performers, and dexterous instrumental players get together; each recognizing what the other is worth. As they explore the infinite sonic indie rock rabbit holes, you get to experience how, together, they are perfection.

Philomuse’s innate drive and raw talent are what have been pushing them to cement themselves in the music scene. The band’s storytelling ability and lyricism are inspired by real-life experiences that allow them to create music that is not only entertaining but also deeply relatable.

With years of experience playing in various gigs and live concerts, Philomuse has already established themselves as captivating performers with unique talents for audience connection as they bring listeners deep, thoughtful lyrics flanked by self-assured vocals and irresistible, relentless instrumentation to get you dancing on your feet.

After working with Kentucky-based super producer Jay Willis at the Thudersound Studio in Franklin for their debut EP “Stuck”, the Philomuse is once again set to collaborate with Jay, with whom they now share a close relationship, on their upcoming projects that are set to turn the music industry on its head.

The band has been pouring their passion into crafting original music; bringing to life alternative rock masterpieces that will leave you speechless as soon as you hear them.

To get acquainted with Philomuse, follow the provided YouTube link from Thunder Sound Sessions, which features live performances in the studio with the band performing immersive tracks from their debut EP “Stuck” that allow the listener to experience the music and sound in a multi-sensory way.

Their chemistry is shatterproof, and these performances here blur the boundaries between alternative rock music and sound art.

Philomuse is the next big thing and is about to take indie rock to new heights…I suggest you remember this name, as they are sure to make a lasting impact in the industry.

Philomuse’s debut EP “Stuck” is already streaming on popular platforms. Follow them on social media, including Instagram, to get up close and personal with their brand-new sound, live gigs, and real-time updates on their upcoming projects.

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