Paris Westburn has been traveling the world and trying to make sense of it the only way he knows how: through music…suffice to say that he has made pretty good sense of it owing to his repertoire of productions that are created with a free-range mentality to span across several musical fields and mirror each and every emotion at every moment perfectly. In his musical universe, you just have to keep up; you might wake up to a taste of that vintage jazz collection, a nostalgic R&B entertainment, the uncommon indie shoegaze or even the experimental lo-fi sound; either way, whatever you are feeling or not feeling, you can be guaranteed that Westburn has got just the right melodies for it!

After unleashing a theatrical and competent performance in the piece “Uncommon Act of Eternal Loss In The Wild”, Westburn ain’t letting the dust settle just yet; he is back with another beautifully achieved release titled “Love In Time of Apocalypse.”

From the onset of this compositional piece, a listener is bound to be hit with an array of different emotions, and before you can pin them down, the eccentric lyrics follow, performed by Westburn’s soulful voice. I particularly love what Paris did with the guitar, hitting with relatively theatrical panache with the blaring reverb and the quintessence delay, which I thought was to reflect the track’s theme about ‘Time Travel’

“Love In Time of Apocalypse” is all about two people trying to locate love in two different realities and spaces and for some damned reason, they never seem to find it…it just never happens. There is a significant way Paris highlights this in the track; as the piece builds, it gets more emotional, as if relaying a resignation to fate (finally giving up and accepting destiny as it is!)

Paris Westburn also wanted to spread the message of love and forgiveness; how each and every one of us ought to see the other persons as the humans they are- brothers and sisters per say and cease this social and ethnic animosity before it destroys us. No matter how you’ve been conditioned or brainwashed to believe, it will never change the fact that we are all humans, and mortals at that. It’s sad how we’ve been fed hatred under the guise of “supremacism,” and guys have just run away with it!

To listen to this sensational piece; follow the attached link and let it make up most of your listening days!

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