P-Trapp is anything but your average type of rapper; he has survived near-death experiences and all manner of misadventures that have come his way, and he is now making an impact through his own stories and experiences that he tells over beats in a way that is likely to suggest he is the real deal. In his own wisdom, his style of rap music honors those before him while also managing to step into the future, and that is what makes it deeply relatable to both the old-school and the new-school generation of rap enthusiasts. He has barely scratched the surface, and now that he is seeing things more clearly, there is only one way he is headed, and that’s to the top!

Not so much rap music leaves a hypnotic and desirable taste on a listener’s senses in today’s commercial world, and that is why when I interact with songs such as “Flexx”, I am filled with hope that perhaps there are still artists out there who still got it like P-Trapp and they need more recognition than they are currently getting because this is real, authentic rap music!

You can call P-Trapp a black canary for the way he delivers all the possible answers through informed consent. The virtuosic producer DJ Plugg does some justice with those nostalgic and heavy beats that are undeniably hypnotic.

P-Trapp knows how to make his mark; moonwalking over the beats like a smooth criminal and releasing a matchless lyrical performance in his gravelly tone, literally flexing on the beats in extravagant ways. It is easy to tell that this is his favorite playground as he does not even break a sweat- unleashing provocative bars decorated with metaphors and rhyme-schemes!

If you are into authentically taped timeless sounds, then “Flexx” is the banger for you!

Take some time off your busy schedule to enjoy this masterpiece, and you’ll be glad you did; follow the attached link and let “Flexx” be part of your playlist- wrap it up!

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