Exploring and dissolving the boundaries between time and culture—digital and analog, real and virtual—is an electronic music producer numeral, based out of Bern, Switzerland. He has been able to engineer a unique type of electronic music that is simply for daredevils. Weaving through dark immersive atmospherics, ambient synths, and powerful trance-like rhythms, his style of music defies boundaries impeccably as he taps into his tank of technological knowledge to come up with an ethereally fulfilling type of listening experience.

Following the swelling wave of momentum that his 2020, “NUMERAL” debut EP generated, numeral was able to attract a huge fan base off of that record that elevated him to international acclaim.

numeral is now back on the musical headlines with another rip-roaring, darkly veined, and fully realized masterpiece, “Hideous” which is a continuation of his last sophomore, “PRIMEVAL” EP.  Growing from the roots of dark electronic, “Hideous” branches into the drum-focused, trance-like minimal with numeral working feverishly- firing on all cylinders!

I love how transcendental this detail-oriented track is, and the way he is able to integrate new ideas as the track collectively builds is worthy of critical praise. The track’s gist rests on those dark components and powerful hypnotic rhythms that defy categorization tactically!

“Hideous” absolutely boosts the vibe in any setting, especially the nightclub scene as revelers take to the dance floor, moving with reckless abandon and throwing all caution to the wind as their bodies conform to new ways of moving every time the rhythms take a massive transcending turn!

The sonic textures, dark minimal components, and deep-driving rhythms peppered throughout this record are examples of music design done right, which translates to any dance floor globally!

To savor this breathtaking listening experience, follow the attached link and find a spot for “Hideous” under your favorite playlist!

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