When N’naya creates music, he always aims to take his listeners on a journey filled with beautiful imagery, feelings, and emotions. His songs frequently feature imaginative poetry that introduces intriguing concepts or viewpoints and ear-pleasing instrumentation that draws inspiration from his rich cultural heritage. His music’s goal is to entertain inspire and uplift, enriching your life with rich, beautiful,, memorable moments.

N’naya is an artist to watch; his music is warm, inviting, and intimate, showcasing a refreshingly authentic sense of vulnerability and strength. Moreover, the music will leave you dancing. Isn’t that incredible? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

N’naya is set to illuminate the airwaves, lighten the hearts of lovers, and cheer the spirits of Afrobeats enthusiasts once he releases his highly anticipated anthem, ‘Lolo Universe,’ a catchy, infectious, danceable, and memorable tour de force that celebrates love in its purest form.

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Just one listen is enough to get this song stuck in your head—that’s how irresistible the chorus is. The chorus alone is enough to place the track on the best-of-2024 lists. N’naya glides over the rhythm, with Afrobeat’s signature blend of rhythm and melody providing a stunning backdrop for his sweet-sounding vocals.

In the bridge of the track, N’naya adds exquisite metaphorical and poetic imagination, likening Lolo’s beauty to a celestial being—that’s when you know the track stays with you forever.

‘Lolo Universe,’ which means ‘Queen of the Universe,’ is the perfect ballad to play for the angel of your life and the apple of your eye on a date, or simply if sharing music is your love language. Either way, the beautifully expressive, heartfelt, and complimentary words will work magic on your behalf!

‘Lolo Universe’ will officially debut on June 7, 2024. As you can imagine, the anticipation is palpable thanks to N’naya’s established reputation for crafting infectious and emotionally resonant compositions.

As listeners await the chance to immerse themselves in the anthemic melodies of ‘Lolo Universe,’ the promise of a compelling love anthem is undoubtedly on the horizon.

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