NightxVision has been making waves with his unparalleled sound and style that cuts across various rap styles in order to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school hip hop. Through his full-on gritty sound and emotion-filled vocal performances, NightxVision radiates raw emotion through explosive instrumentation. His righteous, self-empowered, and street-smart swagger which radiates through his provocative rhymes is set to ensure that he evolves from just Philadelphia’s hottest underground rapper to one of hip hop’s preeminent hip-hop stars.

His massive old-school strong vocal range backed by his new age perspective and distinct raw organic storytelling approach has made him a fan favorite to both local and regional hip-hop communities. His new 6-track EP, “Nobody Believed,” is a timeless body of work that highlights a deeply relatable theme about pain and struggles to finally overcome and still going strong.

“Nobody Believed” exemplifies the essence of hip-hop and freedom of expression. Right from the first track down to the last one, you can experience the immaculate attention to detail in each and every track, with fully realized and thought-inspiring lyrics and imagery to top it off!

In this outstanding performance, NightxVision is completely dialed-in to the massive scope, scale, and size of the project, priding himself on his innate competency to connect to the hearts and minds of his listeners through his own signature of powerful emotions, versatile bars, and wild dynamics on display throughout the sharp-witted lyricism, deft arrangement, and pristine production!

It is actually so hard to pick out a favorite from this collection because each track brings something essentially different from the other; adroitly transitioning into each other while the EP still manages to remain an original body of work.

“Lost Time” is one of those mood-evoking and trippy hip-hop songs that make you feel hypnotized throughout its length. Brimming with thought-provoking bars and intense punchlines, you can never doubt NightxVision’s lyrical showmanship after that performance.

“Wait Hold” features some of those bouncing beats that are escorted by booming basslines, low-end 808s, atmospheric synths, and drum-focused percussion before NightxVision makes it an addicting anthem with his memorable bars and verses that he fleshes out so effortlessly like someone who was born with a mic in his hands.

“Mountains” is another unique and impressive body of work that sees NightxVision make his mark with a poetic masterclass over the laid-back guitar melodies. He certainly eats this up and leaves no crumbs behind, and what makes it even more exciting is the way his performance comes off so lively—it is like he is delivering it to you live. You dig everything he says!

Bringing his A-game to the hip-hop field, NightxVision makes sure everyone will remember his name after that incomparable performance on the track “Get Away”. The beats are heavy and bite through with venom but they are equally met with a fiercely determined lyrist who goes on to deliver one for the books. This is the type of anthem you play as you cruise down the streets, windows down, just having the time of your life!

It never gets tiring to see how NightxVision has always continued to hone his craft, each time coming harder with tracks that ooze class, charisma, and well-deserved acclaim, and “Nobody Believed” is up there as a next-level project for NightxVision that will continue elevating him to international acclaim.

There is absolutely something for every hip-hop head in this entire collection; whether you love the more nostalgic bangers, the anthemic ones, the laid-back ones, or just the introspective ones, “Nobody Believed” is the record for y’all!

To get a taste of this musical greatness, follow the attached link and let your favorite tunes from here boost your playlist!

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