Night Alive Monster

Night Alive is an up-and-coming producer who possesses an undeniable liking for electronic dance music with her admirable musicianship bringing some of the most melodically complex works as she exudes passion and innate charisma to design music within the realms of techno, retro dance, house and EDM genres. Transforming emotions into music, she has developed a penchant for perfecting the intricate melodic motifs and layering builds up that somehow sit at the touchstone of the apex of what’s possible in celebrating life’s passion and the insatiable pursuit of beauty!

Night Alive is set to release her official debut single, “Monster (Night Alive remix)”- a remixed cover for the original version by singer and songwriter Ryan Lamey from his 2022 album, “Disordered.” In this, over 6 minutes long, “Monster (Night Alive remix)” radiates with an extremely catchy nostalgic retro melody bolstered by Night Alive’s irrefutable virtuosity.

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To give you a glimpse of this engrossing track; it is the nostalgic yesteryears made to fit perfectly in a modern world with vintage synths blended with the grandiose retro-inspired beats with some complex percussion and vocal drops added to heighten the impact. Near-mystical, hypnotic and magical is some of the words I can use to describe the feeling I got off of this track.

I appreciated how Night Alive pays tribute to the authenticity of the original version while at the same time giving, “Monster (Night Alive remix)” her own indelible stamp to engineer a timeless masterpiece that pumps through your blood streams and makes you pumped up. This is something to get you vibing all year long and I have a feeling I will be playing it an insane amount of times once it drops!

“Monster (Night Alive remix)” is now available for pre-save and by following Night Alive, you will be able to follow the pre-save link so as to put yourself in an advantageous position when the track finally drops on 23rd September 2022.

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