Like the desert pleads for water, alternative R&B fans were in need of this kind of music. NEW EX’s performance on “City Lights” puts him on the brink of greatness. The Winston-Salem native is in his element on this new single.

NEW EX sounds like an artist who knows what he wants and where he wants to go with his music. On the song, he embodies the persona of someone who seems to be stuck in life, feels empty and he is chasing the thrills (city lights) as he tries to both find a solution to his predicament and forget his problems. “City lights, city lights, you make me fall in love but it wasn’t right, wasn’t right, just because you held me tight, doesn’t mean it’s right… tell me when I’m outta sight…” His celestial vocals can do no wrong. He gets out of his comfort zone, ascending into falsetto, as he sings, “… I just want your time…” His vocals are complemented by production so smooth, and immaculate with a bass-heavy sound. His pen game is worthy of praise.

NEW EX has a deep love and understanding of music. The Polychromatic records signee has been doing music most of his life, having once played in a symphonic band, wind ensemble, jazz band and pit orchestra in middle school developing him into a multi-instrumentalist and an amazing vocalist. He founded the Foxture band in 2013, with which he went on national tours and festivals. Their EP, EDEN was featured on several outlets such as Ghetto Blaster Magazine. His second single, Ruin My Life was recently featured on the viral YouTube channel dynmk

NEW EX’s undeniable ability will one day put him alongside other great artists, some of whom hail from North Carolina like J. Cole. Talk is cheap- how about you find out for yourself why “City Lights” is breathtaking and enthralling, follow the attached link to stream “City Lights”

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