Terrific is a word that springs to mind each time I hear the word New Beat Order; this spectacular DJ and producer from Spain really has an ear for hit melodies and a knack for the commercial. And since longevity really is a key to legendary, New Beat Order has been able to cement his legacy by consistently delivering back-to-back hit music that always keeps his name on top of headlines. Combining his intricate gifts, technical know-how, and matchless energy, Order can only go higher. Having amassed more than 150 million streams on Spotify alone, perhaps this gives you a clear and defining picture of the magnitude of talent we are talking about here.

Even before the dust has settled, the music world is already talking about New Beat Order again following the release of his new and mesmerizing banger “Tu Ritmo” which translates to “Your Rhythm.” In this transcending dance masterpiece, he features the internationally acclaimed Italian DJ and Producer Axel Cooper and the global phenom Britt.

By all counts, “Tu Ritmo” is not your typical EDM tune; there is so much juice and flavor added to make it idiosyncratic and dazzling. The track is made from an invigorating concoction of nostalgic reggaeton components as well as modern electronic harmonic tunes to create something that is set to withstand the test of time.

Showing capabilities in all combinations of creative, technical talent, and infectious energy, there is a great deal to enjoy in this track. The female vocals slither over the blazing instrumentation captivatingly and add to the fascinating features that this tune already possesses!

Overall, “Tu Ritmo” is one of those epic bangers that you know you will be grooving to a lot owing to the effortlessly agreeable features at its core.

Worry not, you are not too late to the party; follow the attached link and get on with it!

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