Necosso, born Michael Necosso, is a Swiss-based electronic producer who is leaving an indelible mark on the electronic dance music scene with his eclectic style that blends the classic EDM music sound with elements from techno and house sound for an extensive palette that highlights his passion and captivation by the art of making music and his appreciation for the creative and innovative process that goes into making music.

Riding high on the momentum of his earlier single “Summertime,” Necosso returns with “Set Me Free,” a terrific club track that will rock your body with its incredibly perfect synthesizers and drifting spacey vocals. There is always a way for Necosso to bring all those aspects of the electronic aural world together to create a pleasing and widely engaging amazing, and “Set Me Free” was no exception. The captivating female vocals produce a lasting impression and catch your attention right away, blowing your mind away right away.

The track has a familiar feel, and it’s very high energy with a contagious rhythm that will make anyone eager to jump on the dance floor and waste the night. Necosso blends of ambient music motifs with unique new directions of electronic music, resulting in a single that is both very honest and also feels really elegant.

With uplifting lyrics about setting yourself free and being positive, the Swiss producer really hits the right notes and “Set Me Free” is an instant dance floor classic. The synths in the track are harmonized in a glistening way, making you feel transported to a more positive world as soon as you hear them, and Necosso’s use of vocalization is truly a work of a maestero.

To get lost in its engulfing melodic effervescence; follow the attached link and let “Set Me Free” transform you from just an ordinary listener to a diehard fan!

Necosso can be found on:

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