Natural Bond Entertainment is a Jamaican record label based in Manchester that has played a prominent role in the music industry. Known for producing distinct and impactful sounds, the label has been a hub for both emerging and established artists to showcase their talents.

Over the years, Natural Bond Entertainment has garnered attention and respect within the music scene for its dedication to providing a platform for artists. The label’s ability to nurture talent and introduce unique sounds into the industry has contributed to its reputation as a trendsetter.

The label has had a history of collaborating with a diverse range of artists, including notable names like Teejay, Bugle, Lybran, Masicka, Deep Jahi, Jah Cure, and Beenie Man. These collaborations have not only showcased the label’s diverse musical range but have also allowed artists to grow and reach wider audiences.

The label’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its track record of producing hit riddims like “Porus,” “Gold Leaf,” “Mentality,” and “Comet,” which gained significant popularity in the early 2020s. These riddims underscore the label’s ability to identify trends and create music that resonates with audiences.

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One of the label’s recent endeavors is the “Redemption Riddim.” This project showcases Natural Bond Entertainment’s readiness to make a comeback after a brief hiatus. The riddim, released in two phases, features a lineup of established Dancehall artists like Ikaya, Demarco, Rytikal, Macka Diamond, Buffalo Souljah, Dyllano, New Kidz HD, Skiepree, Jah Thunda, Calaysie, Deeclef, Flippa Moggela and Cammalla. This collection of artists demonstrates the label’s ability to bring together talents from different corners of the genre.

Natural Bond Entertainment’s history, dedication to pushing boundaries, and collaborations with influential artists contribute to its role as a respected and significant player in the music industry, particularly within the Dancehall genre.

With the new “Redemption Riddim”, Natural Bond Entertainment looks to become the hot topic in Dancehall once again, and the Artists lined up for the compilation will definitely make some noise. Natural Bond promises listeners another classic with “Redemption Riddim”, and with their previous hit-making releases, they are as confident as ever.

Natural Bond Entertainment has helped to give upcoming and established artistes a steady amount of buzz, and it has provided unique sounds that have been rocking the airwaves, streets, and speakers globally, and it seeks to give listeners a classic effort with every release.

Throughout its existence, Natural Bond Entertainment has been instrumental in providing both emerging and established artists with a platform to showcase their talents. With each release, the label aims to deliver a classic musical effort that resonates with listeners across the globe.

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