Nasim Siddeeq I Want You

New York recording artist Nasim Siddeeq is the artist to watch out for as he brings more of his innate charisma, passion, and deserved acclaim in every record that he makes. He is a master lyricist and a gifted vocalist who will always leave minds blown when he hits the stage. And the proverbial icing on this delicious cake is his unrestrained energy- he brings that high-vitality and infectious energy and makes sure he spreads it to his listener so that you are operating on the same wavelength. It is safe to say that the industry has been put on high alert because something huge is about to blow and it will leave a trail of breathtaking destruction in its wake; this is Nasim Siddeeq’s time to shine!

He has a new masterpiece dubbed, “I Want You”- a raw and passionate track that professes undying first love for that someone who gives you butterflies. You might be forgiven for thinking you tripped on a Silk Sonic record with the impassioned delivery and lavish elements present in this track but it is authentically Nasim Siddeeq’s.

This is a nostalgic track that takes you back to the 90s R&B/soul and ensures you hang in there just a little with a refined cocktail of rock-in instrumentation backed by the grandiose of modern pop to at least bring your mind-blown self to reality! Tell me when you last had a delectable blend like this? His soulful singing over the warm instrumentations is another heartwarming element in this tune that will keep you grounded throughout its length!

The way his smooth-talking and slinky smooth vocals inject themselves over the powerful instrumentation leaves nothing to be desired. The attention to detail in the hauntingly marvelous percussive riff that will keep playing in your head long after the track is gone is the mark of a timeless record!

The music video is a high-standard visual treat with breathtaking and natural sites as you get treated to expertly blended and raw images of the beautiful ocean view- you can actually smell the breeze. This video was produced by gold and platinum songwriter, Grammy-nominated producer, and sound engineer Traviso Milner and it is an eye-catching work of art.

“I Want You” is now available everywhere for streaming; follow the attached link to watch the music video, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and save it as a favorite summer tune!

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