Miserableisobel has been championing mental health well-being and awareness by utilizing her gift as a musician and her commanding voice to deliver the message home. The 25-year-old vocal mistress who is half Italian and half Scottish born in Leicester UK has also suffered from mental illness ever since she was 12 years old and though it took a toll on her, music was there as a safe refuge and it provided her that much-needed harbor from her mental storms and she now makes blood-letting impassioned songs that are full of frankness and vulnerability that listeners battling similar emotional storms might be able to find comfort in.

Her latest album “Dollhouse” is an impactful 13-track compiled album that covers a wide range of subjects that are all relatable from mental health, heartbreak and romantic experiences, the general life experiences with friends and family, and many other subjects that a listener can easily connect with! She went all out on this one and left no emotion untouched; giving an emotional and powerful performance that will be spoken about for generations to come. The album is already breaking stream records for her in such a short period of time since it was released – a staggering indication of the influence it has on listeners.

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The emotion-filled and soul-bearing “What If” emerges from the striking ruins of introspective mysticism, occupying the nature and space provided in the firm and solid melodicism made to atone for its existence with the highly vulnerable and stunningly touching vocal delivery by Miserableisobel. After this track fades away, a listener is left with so much to think about – this has to be your late-night meditative track!

The emotional honesty in “Past Life” is inescapable as Miserableisobel delivers a performance for the books in melancholic style expressing anger and hate for what the ex-lover made her go through! Listeners who have had one or several encounters with heartbreak can deeply resonate with this track – this has to be their heartbreak anthem from this day henceforth!

“My Sweetest Friend” builds from the ground up, telling an inspiring and appreciative story through the journey of life with someone special; with every rhythmic clarity and lyrical precision coming together, a listener is reminded of the good old days from childhood to adulthood.

“Sixteen” is a striking feel-good type of track that goes takes a listener through memory lane and offers them a safe haven to deposit their memories as they join in the journey, step by step, one day at a time following the command of the euphonious beats and obeying the lyrical instructions as offered by Miserableisobel.

“First Date” is a stupendous production that dares to dazzle and offer some insights into the endearing world of love. The enticing allure for days spread throughout this track is a gracious moment and the smooth, flawless calm and pure Miserableisobel’s vocals fit in with the instrumentation and theme perfectly like some magical spell was placed on it!

Throughout the album’s length, there is no one track that isn’t intriguingly different from the other, the ending chapter of one ear worming track opens up to the other opening chapter of a refreshingly new and mind capturing tune! “Dollhouse” is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, you name it and to get a feel of all this abundance, follow the attached link; stream, save your favorites tunes in your music library and share them with others so they too can discover the world Miserableisobel is building through her music!

She hopes to inspire and offer hope to those battling mental illness through her openness and honesty so that they too can accept themselves as they are, seek help, and find peace and happiness in life. To those living around the UK, they can reach out through the Samaritans helpline 116 123.

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