Philly has a real gem at their hands and they better take care of him because he is bringing something special and unique to the rap table; MIL Zay is his rap name and he hails from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He flaunts that futuristic modern vibe of hip-hop draped by the emo sound which allows him to excel in his own rap-singing style and intricate freestyle phenomenal!

This is a generational talent we are witnessing and he started doing this way back when he was 7 years old! (You can imagine the level of experience he has accumulated thus far!) His music is not just about the hip-hop beats; it is so much more. This is conscious rap that you only get from rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Nas, 6lack, and the late Juice WRLD. He fits in that category without even exaggerating!

“Message To Me” is that inspiration rap-incised ballad that takes life in its original form and turns it into a melodic phenomenal with near-mystic appeal! The way the beats invite a listener and the rap-sing fluency that is displayed by MIL Zay as he flies over the beats like some fighter jets- exuding skill, confidence, and authority and stamping his own rap dominance so that the melody follows his every flow- together, they design an anthem!

This is insightful and meaningful; life has always backed each and every one of us into a corner and sometimes we question why- why do we work so hard only to fall short of our own expectations, why does it have to be this way and not the way we envision it! This is the track to encourage you to keep on pushing; don’t give up just yet for in that moment of despair lay the bridge to your dreams as you imagined them!

This is emo-rap reimagined and Zay did such an awesome job coming up with this masterpiece. If you are feeling low and need something to relate to; follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, watch this official release, like it, save as a favorite, and share it with as many listeners as you possibly can- this is a universal message of hope and we all can do with it!

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