Michael Spires thrives in a world of art where only imagination sets the boundaries, using this limitless canvas to create music that surpasses his creative boundaries. Renowned for his diverse style, Spires ventures across various musical landscapes, producing pieces that are not just distinctive and captivating but also instantly connect with a wide range of listeners. Navigating the complex maze of the music industry, a place where true artistry is scarce, he has garnered much-deserved praise. With steadfast commitment, Michael has delved deep into his craft, now boldly presenting original works that span an assortment of musical genres. His unyielding drive to innovate, create, and motivate shines through his compositions, showcasing his outstanding talent and intense enthusiasm for redefining artistic boundaries and questioning the norms of music.

Michael’s latest release, “Ephialtes,” is a hauntingly beautiful work of art that lingers in the mind like ghosts of forgotten dreams, particularly due to its memorable chorus that is irresistibly catchy.

Music has often been judged by its ability to stay in the mind after the final notes have disappeared, and I can assure you that “Ephialtes” achieves this and so much more. It leaves you wanting more and more!

In this powerful anthem, Michael adopts a pulsating hip-hop beat that is futuristic and one that jumps at its listener with a brilliant fusion of melody and rhythm. The lyrics are catchy, and the chorus is unforgettable.

The lyrics reference the mythical incubus, a demon believed to cause nightmares, especially those that hide under the bed and only come out when we are dead asleep.

The production and vocal production are clean and crisp, which further highlights Michael’s engineering prowess.

If you are looking for something captivating, haunting, and enthralling, then “Ephialtes” is your best bet.

The song is now available on all popular streaming platforms. Explore “Ephialtes” and stay updated with Michael’s upcoming releases, including a notable project set to debut on his birthday, April 7th.