Multi-disciplinary musician and pianist MICALL is out to make the world a better place through her music. Undertaking a journey that has been defined by perseverance, authenticity, and a boatload of emotional depth, MICALL is primed to make a long-lasting impact on the music scene as she goes on to establish herself as a veritable force in the ever-expanding music industry. A versatile artist who is able to break through with style and authenticity, she prides herself on her flexibility, which allows her to stay on the edge of new sounds, thereby staying ahead of the curve while still not losing her rare and transformative musical essence!

Right now, the winter belongs to MICALL and her new engrossing release, “Courtroom Headtrip.” Encapsulating the true essence of pop-rock, MICALL’s smooth and powerful vocals hit deep into the soul of a listener.

“Courtroom Headtrip” starts warmly with a somewhat laid-back vibe that keeps on transcending as the track gains pace. On the vocal front, MICALL is not shy to test her range and depth as she goes on to breathe life into the lyrical narrative and in a way that is universally appealing.

Her voice holds so much effortless power, and you can indeed hear the raw emotions in her performance. This tune carries with it a deep theme about toxic love and domestic violence—very sensitive topics that are not being talked about enough. MICALL hopes that her performance can go on to empower someone to open up and share their story whilst also spreading awareness about this meaningful subject. For what it’s worth, people going through such things deserve more love, kindness, and understanding and less hate and prejudice!

I can still feel that chorus playing over my head invitingly; MICALL really pucks a powerful punch here and I love how as the track builds, the backing band unleashes a timeless medley of electric guitars and the vivacious drums with MICALL’s ear worming vocals keeping up to fashion a memorable anthem that you cannot escape!

“Courtroom Headtrip” also has a stunning visual that is the perfect complement to this tune both in apologue and storyline. The scenes are eye-catching, and the musical transmission is top-notch!

To watch the amazing visuals, follow the attached link, subscribe to MICALL’s YouTube channel, like the video, and share it everywhere…the world could absolutely do with this type of message!

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