Mi Love or simply Truly, Mi Love is a full-time recording artist based in the USA. She is also an actor and comedian. Her style of music borrows from a lifetime of influences making it dynamic and eclectic. She easily fuses R&B, soul and pop elements for that extensive sound and is also not afraid to test her artistic depth in the modern dance world as her diversity allows her to break with style and authenticity in the fast-evolving music world.

She has a musical gift, “That’s Mi” that will be unwrapped officially on the 24th of August 2022.  This groundbreaking EP will serve as a milestone in Mi Love’s music endeavors as it is set to display her growth and maturity not only as an artist but also as a person.

Featuring profound, ear worming and entrancing harmonies, “That’s Mi” will transport its listeners through a path into deep reflection and reveres with some summer bangers such as “I Can” reimagining the dance sound and taking the listener where it all began; the dance floor!

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“I Can” has a very party and club-like groove at its core and will be appreciated by those like me who enjoy danceable music- the one to get up throwing the hands in the air and dancing wildly like no one’s watching.  In this EP, there is the traditional blend of R&B, pop and catchy dance tunes and her sultry and dreamy vocals embellish these tracks and distinctly capture your listening senses.

This is the record to display her showmanship and sheer level of musicality as she is primed to leave an indelible mark on the independent music scene with releases like these.

“That’s Mi” is now available for pre-save and by following the attached link, you put yourself a step ahead to when the EP finally drops- let’s go!

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