Growing up in the 90s era, where music brought with it substance, memories, and inestimable impact, it was only right that Mayne got influenced by some of the best generational talents in R&B, hip hop, rock, blues, and funk. His musical style honors these styles while he still manages to infuse it with his own authenticity and stamp by striking the perfect balance of staying on top of his game while drawing from an authentic wellspring of the sounds before him. Boasting a new style of hip hop, R&B, and alternative rock style that he blends with soulful organs and an arsenal of witty entendres, Mayne is not your average artist with his poetic-infused style, the capstone of his melodies. Mayne’s transition to music was driven by his love for all genres and the inspiration he took from living in different states.

“If It Comes” is the type you feel with the heart and soul – its lyrical impact goes far beyond the listening capabilities; it’s deep and meaningful. In this track, Mayne displays a visceral poetic expression of his perspectives on the realities of life and success and how to live a life full of freedom and wisdom. We need not concern ourselves with things that are out of our control. The arc of everyday life is long, and it can bend in any way, so we take each day as it comes and certainly, “If It Comes!”



The aesthetic guitar intro gets us going before all-out instrumentation is unleashed from the ethereal synth melodies and hard-hitting 808’s accompanied by motivational raps and heart-wrenching hooks that underlay the stories being told from his past.

The melodies here have a nostalgic feel about them, with Mayne continuing to deliver his trademark verses that are full of metaphor and spiritual musings. Mayne’s deep lyrics with that unique myriad of instrumentation will have you introspect heavily over this song.

“If It Comes” is now available for streaming, and I’m certain it will appeal to both the old school and new school listeners in equal measure; follow the attached link, add this track as a favorite, and share it around for its is absolutely worthy of any listener’s attention!

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