Max Ayeza Why Do You

After years of accumulating musical insights and being briefly in a band, Max Ayeza has finally been establishing an astounding soundscape that is rich in both touching rhythms and fantastically relatable lyricism. With patience and dedication, she hopes to create musical content that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. So far, her work has been recognized to have a stunning effect on listeners, enticing their hearts with lyrical and melodic magnificence and that is the case with her latest rhythmic and flawlessly smooth ballad, “Why Do You.”

“Why Do You” is genuine in lyricism and melodicism and also boasts that enticing catchy allure right from the onset with the beautifully stringed elements that are melded together with great artistic expertise to articulate a coherent body of work. The shimmering drums amalgamate with the guitar, bass, piano and some complex eclectic percussion that echo a kind of quintessential country feel to fashion an extraordinary listening experience that envelops a listener from the start to the end.

Her plush and musical vocals sneak through the arresting instrumentation with a certain admirable innate fluidity and the way she is able to reflect the raw emotions through her voice is nothing short of fascinating. She performs the easily quotable chorus with so much passion and emotion and provokes deeper feelings from within a listener.

This tune speaks unapologetically to those who run away from relationships and commitments at the site of the slightest plights- this tune endearing rebukes such a cowardice act and her haunting vocals a compelling reminder to stay and fight for that relationship without hurting the people you promised to love and protect!

The official music video is out and this high-quality cinematic visual figuration blends the raw images adroitly to reimagine theme-perfect complementary cinematography that a viewer will enjoy watching as they get lost in the harmony of the overall tune.

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