Having been in the music business for quite a while, I can confidently say that very few artists bring that crafty veteran vibe, profundity, and heartfelt conviction to their productions or musical performances like modern-day Mary Knoblock; an avant-garde artist and neo-classical composer whose sound shrewdly defies categorization as she ingeniously blurs the lines of electronica, jazz, classical, ambient, and EDM music. Over her time in the music industry, Mary Knoblock has managed to handcraft a sound that she can truly call her own, and that is what sets her apart.

Her latest composition, “Mustang Runners” has drawn widespread critical acclaim and favorable reviews from the music press, and it is easy to see why; this track is such a masterclass in ambient music composition as Mary straddles the realms of electronic, ambient, and dreamy soundscapes in ways only she can!

This is timeless and evocative—a seamless blend of rhapsody and delirium over an ambient production as Mary’s beautifully haunting vocals transport the listener to within touching distance of hypnosis.

Lovingly woven and arranged, the track exudes Mary’s love and unbridled passion, lending immediate authenticity to the performance. The cinematic scores, ambient synths, and dreamy vocals whisk you away into a world of Mary’s creation and put you into an indescribably magical and mystical music-inspired state you don’t wish to snap out of!

“Mustang Runners” is dark, haunting, magical, and really immersive…all vital ingredients of an ethereal masterpiece.

If you are looking for a cathartic listening experience that transports you way beyond your imagination, look no further than “Mustang Runners.”

This track feels like a coming-of-age moment for Mary Knoblock: a liberation from constricting shackles, the joyful breaching of boundaries, and the artist’s realization of newfound freedom. It seems to represent Mary’s physical, emotional, and spiritual liberation.

To experience this eclectic musical masterpiece, follow the attached link and enjoy!

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