A high-caliber artist and rapper, Marvo Fivestarsz’s drive, passion, and relentless work ethic have allowed him to build an incredible catalog of songs and collaborations. His musicality actually shows through in amazing ways as you begin to listen to his artistry. By borrowing inspiration from countless artists of both past and present, he has developed an unbelievably brilliant skill of lyricism with his imaginative and ingenious approach to music, bringing the old school with the new, leaving his listener with an irresistible feeling of gratification and enjoyment. His full-length project “Three 2’s” introduced him properly to the music world, earning him widespread and deserved acclaim and radio plays from 100s of stations as well as monumental praise from the music press.

His new track “Zones” is a slight departure from the extravagant hype of the heavy hip hop sounds many have come to expect of him. It also displays his innate competency as a versatile and dynamic artist.

The beat here is smooth and out of this world, and the lyrics blend with the beat so perfectly. The feeling the music gives is soul soothing, you just pray it doesn’t end.

This is such a beauty nurtured with an amazing sound—the hook is infectious, and owing to the exotic influences on top of the R&B vibe, this tune has a cross-genre appeal.

Marvo smoothly rides this beat in a gentle yet powerful way, lusciously offering a first-class performance that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

“Zones”, an ode to living life, enjoying its pleasures, and taking some time off to enjoy them, is a must-have for any listener who appreciates good music.

This tune is a collaboration with “Jay Krimzz” who adds depth and elegance to his memorable performance.

Marvo is truly an artist defined by passion, resilience, and an evolving sound that remains anchored in authenticity; “Zones” is a shining example of that.

This song is actually a single off of his upcoming album, “Flight Mode,” which is expected to drop sometime in August.

“Zones” is available for streaming on all the popular channels, and Marvo would very much appreciate it if you ran it up for him and recommended the song to your friends.

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