From what I have gathered so far, Marcus Christ can be called an anarchist of hip-hop. Pulling out the impossible but beautiful sound, against all the rules of the genre and style, Marcus creates tracks that spin for a long time in the head. With his endless resilience, Christ has grown into a deeply connected and engaging performer. He loves the vast background that is hip-hop music and how it transcends, connecting people through all cultures; it’s such a powerful healer. Currently working on his master’s degree in college, this Prince George’s County native embodies what it is like to successfully pursue an education and be involved in music.

From Marcus Christ’s airy, straightforward delivery, creative and insightful punchlines, and uniquely-pitched melodic vocals in “Shots All Night,” this combination of all three places Marcus somewhere between the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and J. Cole.

“Shots All Night” is a party-inspired banger from head to toe and really highlights Marcus Christ’s command and trill of words. His wordplay really is amazing, and the way he is able to switch flows as much as his voice is a field reserved for the few. That chorus right there is memorable and will stick in your head for days.

This is what underground hip hop feels and sounds like, and that smooth deliverability by Marcus really makes the track stand out as he goes on to headline its anthemic quality in a way that cannot be matched by just ‘any rapper’ out there.

He is sleek and really knows how to drive emotions off of his rhymes—a mark of an indisputable lyrical champion with his whole future ahead of him. This is high-standard musicianship that really underscores Marcus’ top-tier skills as a rap artist.

You can of course expect more from him as he seeks to stamp his indelible imprint on countless records that will go on to change the dynamics of the hip-hop sound. What you are now looking at is no longer just Marcus Christ; this is the future of hip-hop…so I suggest you start paying more attention and showing more respect!

To delve deeply into this club banger; follow the attached link and let the volume be at its maximum for the full impact to kick in!

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