Combining the gritty drill and grime candor from growing up in London with his own unique twists inspired by a plethora of musical influences he grew up listening to, London-based musician and performer M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s blends eclectic instrumentation with his vibrant vocals to bring a versatile rap, afro-pop, and soul style to the UK music scene. He is far from the ordinary and has occasionally proven that he can handle both rapping and singing with equal dexterity. If you enjoy strong lyrics with meaningful messages packaged nicely over warm and inviting beats, then M.E.L.O is the artist for you. Get on board and take pleasure in this unforgettable ride that is blatantly authentic!

M.E.L.O returns with his latest project, “Intro to Insanity”- a 9-track album that explores his past relationships and usual trends and patterns. He ensured that this album is eclectic, not leaning towards any side in particular. That means there’s something for everyone here. The collaborations also stand out, with guest artists significantly contributing to this project.

I love the highly energetic and danceable bangers, and that is why I was over the moon about the track “Thinkin Bout You” featuring the strikingly gifted vocalist MoL1y. This track, like many others here, has a broad appeal. Amapiano sensibilities fashionably complement the Afrobeats foundation. M.E.L.O showcases his versatility as he rides this high-tempo beat without flinching, hitting all the right notes with his lyrical and vocal elegance. Both of them going back and forth add to the appeal of the track, and since it is the little details that matter, I love the beat switch around 2:47 before the track reverts to that heavenly-sounding Amapiano thrill!

“Main & Sides” is another bona fide standout. The beat here is one of its kind. Vivacious and jumpy, M.E.L.O fizzes over it like a chemical reaction in a lab. His performance showcases unbeatable musicianship, and the instrumentation displays his ear for innovative beats.

“Tribe” is another special jam that left a lasting impression on me. I love the chilled beat and how mellow it actually is. On the mic, M.E.L.O delivers nimble and erudite bars. The guest emcee, CONXEPT elevates the track to higher heights with his inventive flows and candid punchlines.

“Same Song” is a proper anthem with easily quotable lyrics and an infectious hook. The intro is stunning, with the tasty guitar laying the foundation before the deep hip-hop beat is unleashed. M.E.L.O excels with his rap and sung vocals, showcasing unbeatable musicianship. I love how the guitar tones continuously haunt the backdrop. This was such a genius idea on the production side.
“Wait for Me” featuring the one and only MoL1y is another enticing Afrobeats-flavored jam that is groovy and has instant appeal. M.E.L.O’s distinctive voice skims through this lovely arrangement with gracious ease as he raps and sings dexterously. MoL1y injects the tune with that R&B syndrome, and they come together to blend their beautiful voices when delivering the hook. This tune is simply magnetic!

The same can be said of the track, “Suspension” featuring Nola Muu, who sets the tone with a captivating hook before M.E.L.O captivates with his stimulating lyricism over the dynamic Afrobeats production.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give “Intro to Insanity” a solid 9, and that’s because nothing is perfect.

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